I have dry mouth due to Sjogren’s Syndrome and found SST to be convienant and helpful SST is much more convienant than gels and sprays that I had tried and there is no aftertaste.

Sjogren’s Patient

Hi, There are no systemic side effects with SST. You just suck on the lozenge and they help to  stimulate natural saliva. Numoisyn lozenges was first made by Sinclair Pharmaceuticals and sold .in the USA. They are now available from Hexim Pharmaceuticals as SST over the counter. Try them they worked for me.

Sjogren’s Patient

I use the lozenges when I'm very dry. They taste like lemons and are tiny. I think they work by stimulating saliva flow in the same way the dentist did when she checked the amount of saliva I produced.. It works, and I like the taste,. It's nice to have the little tablets in my purse to pop in my mouth whenever I get really dry, and I'd rather do that than chew gum or get out an obtrusive spray.

Sjogren’s Sufferer

I use the SST lozenges. They do help some & definitely do more than anything else I've tried. They're cheap  so that's a plus too. I wouldn't call them a miracle drug and my radiation oncologists says results may vary. I use them in conjunction with the Salinum liquid- a saliva substitute- and have had pretty good results. Together, they I do help me to get through each day better.

Cancer Patient

I have been suffering from xerostomia for the last year due to extensive radiation and chemotherapy for head and neck cancer.  My doctor provided me with samples of SST and they have been a great help.  I have passed this info on to other cancer survivors in my support group and also let my dentist know about SST.

Head and Neck Cancer Survivor

Try SST, it comes in a small bottle and stimulates saliva production. There are NO systemic side effects with SST and it is safe and convienant. Also, it is MUCH less expensive compared to other saliva stimulants and substitutes.

Sjogren’s Patient

Dry Mouth Sufferer reports success with SST lozenges.  Rating scale  is (1-5) for satisfaction ratings. Multiple medications caused excessive dry mouth and patient reported success with SST lozenges.

Effectiveness     Current Rating: 4
Ease of Use       Current Rating: 5
Satisfaction        Current Rating: 4

Sjogren’s Patient posting on another site

I take the lozenges to overcome results of radiation therapy. They are easy to use as all you do is suck on them like a hard candy. Relief is immediate seems to be very  effective. 

Radiation Cancer Patient