Hexim Pharmaceuticals Sst


                                                                            DRUG FACTS

               • Constituents

                        Active Ingredients (in each lozenge)                    Purpose
                        *Sorbitol (0.3g per lozenge)  ……………………       Stimulates Saliva Production
                        *Malic Acid, Citric acid          ……………………       Stimulates Saliva Production 

               • Uses          
SST lozenges provide temporary relief of symptoms of dry mouth or xerostomia.

     • Direction
Allow a single lozenge to dissolve slowly in the mouth as needed.  To obtain optimal effect move the lozenge around in the mouth. 

                        In cases of severe dry mouth repeat as necessary (up to one lozenge per hour).  

• Warnings
Excessive Consumption can cause minor digestive problems. Do not use if you have allergies to any of the ingredients.

                        Keep out of reach of children.  
 • Energy Value
6.5 kJ per tablet  

 • Other Informations
Store at Room Temperature (65-75°F) (16-24°C). Protect from excessive moisture . 

• Inactive Ingredients
Polyethylene glycol, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate dibasic, hydrogenated cottonseed oil,

                                                                                             magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide use.

• Questions or comments?                                               
Call (201) 552-2289        For more information visitor website: https://www.sst.care

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