• What is a salivary stimulant ?

Salivary stimulant increases salivary flow in people who have maintained a minimum of salivary capacity.

  • How does SST work ?

SST is formulated to increase salivary secretions to relieve dry mouth. They contain sorbitol and flavorings to stimulate normal salivation in patients who have residual secretary function of their salivary glands.

  • How often can I take SST ?​

You can take up to 16 lozenges a day or one an hour considering that you are asleep for 8 hours.

  • Will SST interact with other medications that I might be taking ?

No, No interactions with other drugs have been reported.  If you have any concerns you should contact your health care provider.

  • Are there any known side effects?​

No serious side effects have been reported with the use of SST. It is safe for long term use. Taking too many lozenges in too short of a time may lead to mild digestive discomfort.

  • How do I use SST?

Allow one tablet to move around slowly and dissolve in your mouth.  Do not chew it. Repeat as necessary for instant relief.  Take up 16 lozenges daily.

  • Is SST gluten or sugar free?

Yes the product does not contain gluten it is also sugar free does not promote tooth decay.

  • What are the ingredients in SST?​

Sorbitol (0.3gm per lozenge),polyethylene glycol, malic acid, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate dibasic, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, citric acid, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

  • How does SST compare to prescription treatments and other products for dry mouth?

SST does not require a prescription and is not like cholinergic agonist drugs that are have undesirable side effects and numerous drug interactions.

SST unlike hard candies will not damage teeth and increase unwanted calories.  Saliva sprays and substitutes are often awkward and only offer short term relief.

  • Where can I purchase SST?

SST is available in retail pharmacies. If it is not available in your local stores, please ask the pharmacist to buy it from their wholesaler and/or direct from the company, You can always buy it on this site by clicking on the tab above to purchase.  SST is available in bottles of 100.

If you have any questions or comments please call 1-201-552-2289 or email us at Sales@SST.care.