[*] Our driving philosophy is to ensure the continuity of essential niche and specialty pharmaceutical drugs that often represent a “therapy of last resort" for many patients- but are no longer perceived as commercially viable for Big Pharma.
[*] To form close collaborations with and be responsive to physician’s associations and patient advocacy groups to ensure their therapeutic needs are protected.

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HEXIM's product pipeline includes both branded prescription and OTC products in complementary therapeutic areas focusing in Oncology and Oncology Support (for treatment of the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy), Hematology, CNS, Cardiology and Dermatology .

Your health is our first concern.

•Big Pharma is no longer interested in the manufacture and promotion of niche drugs such as those used in the treatment of rare and orphan diseases.
•Several essential drugs have already been withdrawn from the market.
•Leaving physicians and patients desperately waiting for vital treatments.

The reasons  for discontinuation of these products includes:  lower sales and disproportionately high costs for maintaining required regulatory and pharmacovigilance activities, high supply chain costs and decreasing contributions to profits.

•HEXIM PHARMACEUTICALS is a global Niche and Specialty pharmaceutical company, with Corporate Headquarters in New Jersey and subsidiaries in the EU, Asia and the Middle East.
HEXIM PHARMACEUTICALS offers integrated marketing, distribution and logistics operations and holds more than 40 drug molecules in its portfolio

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Founded: 2011

Private Owners


Areas of expertise:  Oncology, Supportive Care, Dermatology, Emergency Care and Rare Diseases.